Protecting the Tasmanian whisky brand, with TWSA president Cam Brett

Tasmania is the birthplace of Australian whisky in the modern era, with unique positioning as the country’s only island state.

For some time now its distillers have entertained the idea of protecting these attributes with a geographical indication or appellation ensuring that products labelled ‘Tasmanian whisky’ meet certain standards. 

Recently on the Drinks Adventures podcast we met Cam and Suzy Brett of Spring Bay Distillery in Tasmania.

Cam is also president of the Tasmanian Whisky and Spirits Association (TWSA), and during that same interview Cam and I went down a bit of a rabbit hole talking about the GI for Tassie whisky, and other industry concerns. 

I thought that conversation deserved a separate episode, which starts with Cam updating us on how many distilleries there are today in Tasmania.

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