Tarac unlocks blended whisky opportunity for Australia

Tarac whisky project lead Greg Jackson and craft distillation sales manager Hannah Ziegeler

Tarac is the largest distiller of grape spirit in Australia, supplying high quality neutral alcohol and brandy spirit for use in fortified wines since 1930.

And, as the craft spirits industry has taken off over the last decade, Tarac has increasingly been supplying distillers with the base alcohol to create products including gin and vodka.

Now, in a milestone move for the company, it has turned its hand to the production of new make whisky.

Using existing infrastructure and technology, Tarac has the capability to produce new make single malt spirit in large production volumes, helping distillers supplement their existing whisky stocks and supporting the establishment of a blended whisky category in Australia.

In this special episode of Drinks Adventures – produced with the support of Tarac – you’re going to meet chief executive officer Jeremy Blanks, and sales manager and project lead, Greg Jackson.

You’ll get some insight into Tarac’s 90-plus year history of distillation in Australia and why Jeremy and Greg believe it can help the fledgling Australian whisky industry unlock its full potential.

And in a fascinating aside, Jeremy tells us about the historic timber coffey stills that fell into Tarac’s possession some years ago, which could one day inspire the company to create a whisky brand of its own.

Just to clarify, this interview was recorded in December 2022. So when Jeremy and Greg are referring throughout our conversation to things happening ‘next year’, they’re actually talking about 2023.

At the time of this episode going to air, they have received and are currently installing their brew kit, as the whisky project continues apace.

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