Tasmanian whisky, gin and vodka with Cam & Suzy Brett of Spring Bay Distillery

Established in 2015 at Spring Beach in Tasmania, Spring Bay Distillery is the realisation of a dream for whisky-loving owners Cam and Suzy Brett.

We’ve actually heard from Cam a couple of times previously on this podcast; in one of my news bulletins back in 2021, and in the special Lark 30th anniversary episode in 2022.

So it’s long overdue I invited Cam and Suzy on for an in-depth chat about Spring Bay.

While it’s definitely single malt whisky that inspired their distillery, Spring Bay has also enjoyed success with its gin and vodka, the latter of which was the Australian champion varietal vodka at the World Vodka Awards 2023

Coming up, Cam and Suzy will fill you in on some of the other recent developments at the company.

First up though, Suzy reflects on their pathway to owning a distillery, having shared a love of whisky for more than 20 years.

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