Jancis Robinson wine glasses launched in Australia

The new Jancis Robinson wine glasses are available now

The new Jancis Robinson wine glasses are now available in Australia through wine importer Cellarhand.

As discussed with Jancis on the Drinks Adventures podcast, The Jancis Robinson Collection is comprised of a single wine glass for red, white, sparkling and fortified wines.

“My overriding opinion is that there is absolutely no need for a whole load of different glasses,” she told the podcast.


“I’ve never understood why people pour white wine into a smaller glass than red wine, because white wine is just as subtle and nuanced, and benefits at least as much from air and space.

“I was also encouraged to just come up with one glass, by the fact that the champagne producers that I most respect… all want their champagnes to be tasted in wine glasses.

The new Jancis Robinson wine glasses are available now
The new Jancis Robinson wine glasses are available now

“They’re fed up with these narrow, little flutes that don’t allow you to get much aroma.”

The Jancis Robinson wine glasses are in fact a cross-disciplinary collaboration with celebrated London-based product designer Richard Brendon, who pairs a love of heritage crafts with an eye for modern design.

Before teaming up with Jancis he’d made a name for himself creating collections for the likes of Four Seasons, Gleneagles, Corinthia Hotel London, Fortnum & Mason, Lane Crawford and Harrods.

The range also includes a stemless sibling ideal for water, wine or whatever takes your fancy.

There are also two decanters, one for loosening up a tight young wine and the other for breathing an aged bottle without losing its delicate perfume.

Announcing the Australian launch of the Jancis Robinson wine glasses, Cellarhand said it did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to work with Jancis.

“Why would we? Here was the world’s most eloquent and authoritative wine lover – owner of arguably its most astute and experienced palate – offering something beautiful that elevates the art of sharing wine to its rightful place: Somewhere close to perfection,” the importer said.

Further detail on the Jancis Robinson Collection is available here.

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