Max Allen on the drinks that shaped Australia: S6E2

Melbourne-based journalist Max Allen has been writing about drinks for more than 25 years.

Max Allen is the wine and drinks columnist for the Australian Financial Review, a longtime contributor to Gourmet Traveller Magazine and the Australian correspondent for – as discussed with Jancis herself, when she joined us on the podcast back in Season Four.

I’ve long been a fan of Max’s writing so I was excited to learn about his latest book, Intoxicating: Ten Drinks That Shaped Australia.

Max joined me on the show to discuss this personal journey through Australia’s colourful and complex drinking history.

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In the book, Max tastes the fermented sap of the Tasmanian cider gum, enjoyed by Indigenous people long before European invasion.

He sips ‘claret’ and ‘sherry’ in the cool stone cellars of the country’s oldest wineries, samples 150-year-old champagne rescued from a shipwreck and helps brew an iconic 1960s Australian lager.

Veteran drinks writer Max Allen
Veteran drinks writer Max Allen – picture courtesy Adrian Lander

He also shares recipes for historic cocktails to try at home (Blow My Skull, anyone?), introduces many of the characters from Australia’s boozy history and offers a glimpse of how our drinking culture might evolve in the future.

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Author: James Atkinson

Journalist specialising in the food, drink, travel and hospitality arenas. Australian International Beer Awards 2017 Media Award Winner and Certified Cicerone®.

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