Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey: Review

Teeling Irish Whiskey Single Pot Still

Teeling Single Pot Still reprises this uniquely Irish whiskey style as it was originally made by distillers in Dublin.

The Irish capital was once the global centre of whiskey distillation. But when Teeling opened in 2015 – three years after the brand was founded – it was the first distillery to be located in Dublin in more than 125 years.

As such, the Teeling family opted to bring back the old school Pot Still recipe comprising a grain bill of 50 per cent malted and 50 per cent unmalted barley – a formulation that contrasts starkly with the remaining single pot still whiskies coming out of Ireland.


“It’s 46 per cent alcohol, non-chill filtered, with no caramel added,” added Stephen Teeling, when speaking to the Drinks Adventures podcast.

Teeling Irish Whiskey Single Pot Still
Teeling Irish Whiskey Single Pot Still

The result is an intense, characterful dram that is not for the faint-hearted.

On the nose, there is citrus, nuts, husky grain, charred oak, leather and baking spices.

But it is on the palate where the unmalted barley really makes its presence known, with a raw, heavy viscosity and spicy kick reminiscent of American rye whiskies (also made using unmalted grain).

This is clearly a young whiskey and likely a work in progress for Teeling; the finish is a bit hot and harsh.

But it is nevertheless compelling, and fairly priced, with a flavour experience that is inarguably unique.

Serving suggestion: A boilermaker that will be a real talking point for your drinking partners. I enjoyed the Teeling Single Pot Still paired with Bentspoke Cluster 8 IIPA.

RRP: $72.99
Source: Sample

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