McLaren Vale Distillery’s Jock Harvey on new beginnings: S8E1

McLaren Vale Distillery launched its debut single malt whiskies in late 2020 following a controversial ownership change.

Jock Harvey of Chalk Hill Wines last year revealed he had taken full control of the McLaren Vale whisky distillery he co-founded in 2014 with John Rochfort.

The split followed John’s departure to set up another brand – Rochfort Distillery – which has since entered liquidation and become the subject of a legal dispute.

Jock is with us in this episode to tell you everything you need to know about the McLaren Vale whiskies, which will largely be matured in locally sourced red wine and fortified wine casks.

The new branding for McLaren Vale whisky distillery
The new branding for McLaren Vale whisky distillery

The debut releases are the Dutschke Single Cask (22 Year Old Tawny Fortified) Cask Strength and the Mr Riggs Shiraz Casks (Muscat Finish).

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