Stone & Wood East Point Low Alc Beer: Review

Stone & Wood East Point

Stone & Wood East Point is a unique entry to the no/low alcohol genre, where most of the action is currently happening in the ‘no’ segment.

It looks to be a smart play, given the evident challenges of creating a full-flavoured non-alcoholic beer.

Stone & Wood East Point
Stone & Wood East Point

And there is certainly a gap in the market for light beers, which have been neglected by brewers ever since better tasting mid-strength alternatives arrived and stole the show.


It’s 2.7 per cent ABV, but East Point is not your average light beer. Slight hazy in appearance, it’s been lightly soured with lactobacillus, which gives it a subtle tang rather than a genuine sourness.

It pops with citrus aromatics and there’s a nice saline character running through on the palate.

At first taste it reminded me of a Belgian witbier, and it turns out this is no mistake. The grain bill for East Point includes wheat malt and rolled wheat, and it features the standard witbier additions of coriander seeds and orange peel.

“It’s a bit of a hybrid of a witbier, a gose and a kviek,” Stone & Wood head brewer Caolan Vaughan told Drinks Adventures.

I’ve enjoyed a few East Points over the summer, and often found myself reaching for a second; more than I can say for most of the non-alcoholic beers I’ve tried to date.

It packs plenty of flavour for a low alcohol beer, and it doesn’t suffer from the watery mouthfeel that characterised its predecessors in this segment.

Edited 8/2/21 with additional info on ingredients.

ABV: 2.7 per cent
Source: Sample
RRP: $49 (16 x 375ml cans)

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