Lark whisky sales set new record

Lark whisky last year became the first Australian brand to exceed weekly retail sales of $100,000, parent company Lark Distilling has informed the ASX.

In December 2020, the Lark brand recorded its largest ever figures for both revenue and units shipped, according to the half-yearly result.

Lark whisky grew e-commerce sales fivefold, driven by the Lark Limited Release Programme; with Lark Christmas Cask Release II selling 3,690 units in three months.


Strong seller: Lark Christmas Cask Release II

“Litres under maturation during the half increased by 106,236 or 14.9 per cent since 30 June 2020 with the company now holding whisky inventories that at maturation would be valued at $113m,” Lark Distilling said.

“Whisky production will increase materially in H2 as the full impact of outsourcing takes effect and it is anticipated that at the end of F21 the company will be holding in excess of 1m litres of whisky under maturation.”

Recent distribution gains include national Costco ranging for Lark and Forty Spotted Gin, and expanded ranging in First Choice, Liquorland and Dan Murphy’s.

The company confirmed it will open a new Tasmanian whisky bar on the site formerly occupied by Franklin Restaurant, opening by June this year.

Lark whisky will install and commission a “world first new peat smoker” by the end of March, the document states.

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