Nose Dive author Harold McGee on ‘smell echoes’ in drinks: S8E7

Nose Dive by Harold McGee

Nose Dive is the new book by Harold McGee, a renowned expert on the chemistry of food and drink.

Harold joins us on the Drinks Adventures podcast to discuss the science behind ‘smell echoes’, which explains why it is that the aromas of drinks often remind us of other things.

It doesn’t matter how weird or offensive a smell is. If you can name it, Harold’s smelt it. And he explains the science behind every imaginable smell in this accessible and entertaining guide.

People often scoff at the notion of wines being described as having notes of blackberry and sandalwood, or beers that smell of citrus and fresh herbs.

In this must-listen interview, we explore these and many other smell echoes that are commonplace in some of your favourite drinks.

Nose Dive by Harold McGee

Nose Dive by Harold McGee is now available through Hachette Australia.

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