Koyomi Shochu: Review

Koyomi Shochu

Koyomi Shochu
Koyomi Shochu

The release of Koyomi Shochu in full-strength bottled format comes on the heels of the Koyomi highball RTDs released by distiller Beam Suntory last year.

Shochu is a difficult spirit to get your head around. It can be distilled from any one of 54 different ingredients, of which sweet potato, barley, rice and buckwheat are some of the most common.


As such, the flavour profile of shochu varies widely, and can be quite challenging at the extremes.

The often weird and funky umami characters of sweet potato shochu are likely an acquired taste for many drinkers.

Distilled from a barley base, Koyomi Shochu is a great entry point to shochu, offering some appealing floral, grassy and vinous fruity aromatics.

Caramel and mushroomy, umami characters combine on the palate, which is that is thick and viscous but finishes very dry.

Texturally and flavour-wise it’s an extremely food-friendly spirit that is lovely neat or on the rocks and surely versatile in cocktails and mixed drinks.

And you can’t fault the stunning packaging featuring a crane bird, a symbol of longevity in a nod to the rich history of shochu and Japan.

RRP: $42-$47
ABV: 25%
Source: Sample

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