Coopers poised to release 21st Vintage Ale

Coopers will shortly release its 2021 Vintage Ale, which is the 21st release in its Vintage Ale series that began in 1998.

The hops selected for this year’s release are Cashmere, an American dual-purpose hop
featuring citrus, fruity and floral notes; Ekuanot, an American finishing hop offering citrus, fruit, and herbal characters; and the new Eclipse variety from Hop Products Australia, which
delivers citrus and pine flavours.

“The result is a rich, balanced and full-bodied ale with floral and spice characters, along with tones of citrus and stone fruit,” says Coopers managing director and chief brewer, Dr Tim Cooper.

The 2021 Vintage Ale is 7.5 per cent ABV and like all Coopers ales, it undergoes secondary fermentation and natural conditioning.

Look out for it in liquor outlets starting late July.

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Author: James Atkinson

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