Sidewinder ‘Super Ultra Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale’, out now from Brick Lane Brewing

Sidewinder Super Ultra Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale is the first in a new range of low alcohol beers from Victoria’s Brick Lane Brewing.

The debut Sidewinder is 1.1 per cent ABV with its grist comprised of Munich, Crystal and Carapils malts and rolled oats, and Citra, Mosiac and Centennial hops contributing tropical and stone fruit flavour notes.

Sidewinder Super Ultra Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale
Sidewinder Super Ultra Low Alcohol Hazy Pale Ale

“We were able to make the most of fermentation options with 1.1 per cent ABV being the perfect balance between this beer style and remaining low alcohol,” said Brick Lane head brewer Jon Seltin.

“We’ve also leant heavily on everyone’s expertise in every step of this beer, from raw material selection, yeast management and brewing, through to packaging.

“Every stage has the potential to influence how a beer will ultimately greet the drinker and with
low alc, there’s nowhere to hide.”

Sidewinder Hazy Pale will be available through speciality retailers, restaurants and bars, and in all Dan Murphy’s stores nationally from August 1.

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