Lauren Sheppard of craft beer trailblazer, Moo Brew: S10E5

Lauren Sheppard, general manager Moo Brew

Lauren Sheppard, general manager of Moo Brew, joins us in this episode of the Drinks Adventures podcast.

Founded in 2005 by David Walsh, the rather infamous owner of Tasmania’s Mona Museum, Moo Brew is a highly respected brewery that has been somewhat uncompromising in its approach.

From the outset, David insisted on packaging the Moo Brew beers in rather ornate, expensive bottles.

Its early marketing declared the beers were, ‘not suitable for bogans’. And the company maintained an allegiance to classic beer styles that were otherwise out of fashion in Australia, generally speaking.

So I’ve watched with interest in recent years as different kind of Moo Brew has emerged.

Packaging its beers in cans. Releasing an IPA. Creating a new label, Brew By Moo Brew, focused on unfussy, easy drinking beers that seemed to appeal to all beer drinkers. Even bogans.

Lauren Sheppard joined Moo Brew in July 2020, prior to which she worked for the Domaine A and Moorilla Estate wine brands that are also part of the Mona family.

Lauren Sheppard, general manager Moo Brew
Lauren Sheppard, general manager Moo Brew

With Drinks Adventures, Lauren discusses Moo Brew’s recent pursuit of a slightly more commercial path, and the evolution of its beers under head brewer Jack Viney.

We also hear about the establishment of a Sydney presence for Moo Brew in the proposed Urban House of Brews in Newtown.

First up though, I asked Lauren whether it was a difficult decision to move from wine into beer.

And, what was the remit she was given when she was offered the role at Moo Brew?

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