Chandon Garden Spritz continues winemaker’s experiments with bitterness

Chandon Garden Spritz

Chandon Australia has released Chandon Garden Spritz, its second iteration of a sparkling wine blended with bitters and botanicals.

Winemaking director Dan Buckle said Chandon Garden Spritz is a natural evolution from Chandon S, a sparkling wine infused with orange bitters released by the company in 2017.

“We’ve completely reworked out orange bitters recipe after a long and detailed study of the worlds of digestive, amaro and vermouth drinks,” he said.

“We’ve increased the bitterness, which delivers a profound structural change to the spritz and leaves you wanting another taste.”

Chandon Garden Spritz
Chandon Garden Spritz

Buckle told Drinks Adventures the spritz project has been a fun and challenging departure from the norms of traditional winemaking.

“As a rule, we try very hard to avoid bitter flavours in winemaking, so adding bitterness to a sparkling wine seemed enormously naughty and a bit risky!” he said.

“Normally you’re looking for length and carry in wine, so the longest palate you can possibly create is a sign of quality.

“Bitterness clips it short so you are reaching for another sip. That drinkability factor with spritz is really interesting and something to learn from.

“What I quickly discovered is why I love beer and gin and tonic so much, which is the bitter dimension to the flavour that gives it a refreshment factor.”

Chandon Garden Spritz is made from a base of Chandon Brut Rose, a methode traditionelle wine made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes.

“We wanted to create a spritz that was really great, not just ‘nice’,” Buckle says.

“It’s a very good quality sparkling wine… I don’t think you could do this with cheaper wine or lesser wine.

“It wouldn’t have the same overall feel. That time on yeast affects the mousse and the way it foams in your mouth.”

Chandon Garden Spritz is available now at an RRP of $32.

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