New Tilde Vodka, distilled from a sour beer base

Tilde Vodka

Out now from Lion spirits subsidiary, Vanguard Luxury Brands, Tilde Vodka continues Australia’s recent vodka resurgence.

Tilde Vodka has been distilled from a sour beer wash, with minimal filtration aiming to preserve depth, character and natural flavours.

Commenting on the launch, Re. bartender Evan Stroeve said the unconventional base, “makes for a vodka with actual character… a light lactic bite with citrus that is discernible, rather than suggested”.

“As bartenders, we are typically quite averse to vodka. Whatever it’s made from is fermented and distilled to the point it’s unrecognisable, with brands usually hinging on mouthfeel and texture as the only distinguishing feature. Tilde eviscerates that stereotype,” he said.

Tilde Vodka is now available at select bottleshops and venues across Australia.

Lion acquired a minority stake in Vanguard Luxury Brands in 2019.

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