Kirin launching Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskey in Australia

Kirin Brewery is poised to launch Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskey in Australia in April 2022.

Fuji Single Grain combines three different types of grain whiskey distilled at Kirin’s Mt Fuji Distillery:

  • Bourbon-style, a heavy spirit comprised of corn, rye and malted barley, made using beer column and doubler stills;
  • Canadian-style, a medium spirit consisting of corn and malted barley, batch processed in a kettle still; and
  • Scotch-style, a light spirit comprised of corn and malted barley, continuously distilled in five different column stills.

The maturation is in 100 per cent ex-bourbon American oak, medium char, with a small percentage of refill casks.


The spirit ranges from five to 21 years in age with an average age of eight years and it is characterised by its fruity aromatics, offering hints of white grape and orange zest.

Fuji Single Grain was awarded a Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2020, where Kirin’s impressive haul included another three golds, one double gold and the trophy for best Japanese whisky for its 30-year-old Fuji Single Grain.

Mt Fuji Distillery

Kirin says Mt Fuji Distillery is one of the few distilleries in the world that can produce both malt and grain whisky.

Mt. Fuji Distillery was established and commissioned in 1973 by Kirin-Seagram Company, a joint venture between Joseph E Seagram and Sons, Chivas Brothers and Kirin Brewery Co.

“While most other Japanese distilleries followed the whisky production method of Scotland, Fuji adopted whisky production techniques and methodologies from major whisk(e)y countries all around the world,” Kirin says.

The water used for production is the rain and snow melt from Mt. Fuji, which trickles down through the mountain to an underground aquifer around 100 metres deep. This aquatic journey is said to take around 50 years to reach to the distillery, effecting natural filtration so the water is crystal clear, pristine, and soft.

Kirin is launching two other Fuji products this year that are exclusive to the Japanese market; Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky Fuji and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky Fuji – 2022 Masterpiece.

“Japanese whisky is attracting a great deal of attention from whisky fans in Japan and abroad, as the definition of ‘Japanese whisky’ was clarified in 2021,” it says.

Fuji Single Grain is 46 per cent ABV with an RRP of $180 for a 700ml bottle. Distributed by Kirin’s local spirits subsidiary Vanguard Luxury Brands, it will be available in select bars, restaurants and premium bottleshops across Australia.

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