Balter NZ IPA latest in ‘Mouth Holiday’ series

Balter Brewing has launched an NZ IPA as the second instalment in its Mouth Holiday series, following the release of an NZ Pilsner in April.

“Pils was the perfect refresher to start this experiment with, so now we’re balancing that with what NZ hops can showcase in intensity, flavour and mouthfeel,” says head brewer Scott Hargrave.

“Kiwi-grown Motueka and Nectaron hops give this IPA a grassy, grounded character to it, bringing to mind the dewy green paddocks that connect both NZ coasts.


“We’ve also been able to deliver notes on the palate that we haven’t put in a beer before, like a kind of epic mash of orchard fruits.”

This latest instalment in the NZ Mouth Holiday series comes in a special 80’ tourism brochure-inspired can.

The third beer will be an NZ Hazy released next month, giving fans the chance to try each of the releases in one sitting to compare how different flavours can be produced by similar hops but different grain builds and brewing techniques.

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