Diageo World Class 2022: Top 100 Australian bartenders revealed

Evan Stroeve

Diageo has announced the top 100 Australian bartenders who will vie for the national title of Australian World Class champion, with the global competition happening in Sydney for the first time later this year.

The shortlisted bartenders will take inspiration from aperitivo hour and deli culture as they participate in ‘The Singleton Deli Plus Two’ challenge, to create a cocktail using The Singleton single malt Scotch whisky, plus a maximum of two additional components.

Australia’s winner will then represent the nation at the World Class Global Final in Sydney from September 12 to 15 as part of the inaugural World Class Cocktail Festival, which will celebrate the best of Sydney’s cocktail culture.


Last year’s Australian World Class champion, Evan Stroeve of Sydney bar Re, said the competition is a “potentially life-changing opportunity” for entrants.

“[It] demands that you think creatively about flavours, process and technique.

“It’s an opportunity to bring an idea to life, and showcase not only your skills but the personality behind it.”

Australia’s Diageo World Class Ambassador, Krystal Hart, said the standard of competition continues to rise year-on-year.

“As we enter the competition’s second phase, we’re looking for the top five bartenders to stand out by demonstrating imaginative and show-stopping creations,” she said.

“Our work is cut out for us as the calibre has been so impressive.”

The 2022 competition will celebrate Diageo’s portfolio of reserve brands with its whiskies – Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Black Label, The Singleton and Talisker – taking centre stage.

Australia’s top five will be announced on June 13, before the finals are held in July to determine the Diageo World Class Australian Bartender of the Year for 2022.

Visit Diageo Bar Academy for further information.

Diageo World Class Top 100 Bartenders for 2022

New South Wales
Alex Gondzioulis, The Rover

Behzad Vaziri, The Star

Elisa Rodgrigues, Paloma Wine Bar

Hunter Gregory, Maybe Sammy

Matthew Dale, RE

Ryan Bickley, Cantina OK

Siôn Roberts, RE

Storm Evans, Cantina OK

Sanghyun Park, Will’s

Wen Wang, Maybe Sammy

Albert Rust, Eileen’s Bar – Four Pillars

Andrew McCorquodale, Charlie Parker’s

Beaux Donelan, Charlie Parker’s

Ashley Miller, Blue Kahunas

Ben Hardy, Bar Planet

Brianna Aboud, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern

Chloe Natterer, The Lobo

Claudio Bedini, Sammy Junior

Daniel Hilton, The Lobo

Eduardo Conde, NO 92 GPR

Dominic Causley-Todd, Dead Ringer

Emma Bernardi, Bar Planet

Eoin Kenny, Long Chim

Hamish Mitchell, Charlie Parker’s

Harrison Kenney, Bar Planet

Helen Yu, The Lobo

James Russell, Apollonia

Jenna Hemsworth, The Gidley

Koby Harris, Dean and Nancy on 22

Krisztian Csigo, Dean and Nancy on 22

Sara Rinaldo, Dean and Nancy on 22

Sarah Proietti, Maybe Sammy

Judith Zhu, KittyHawk

Kalisha Glover, Apollonia

Kat Scibiorski, Long Chim

Kate Gale-Re, The Gidley

Michal Wowak, The Gidley

Kiaran Bryant, Earl’s Juke Joint

Liam Gavin, Door Knock

Marco Rosati, Grain Bar

Samuel McWilliams, The Lobo

Thomas Opie, Births and Deaths

Dino Francia, Rosella’s Bar

Jack Connor, Rosella’s Bar

Aidan Perkins, Agnes Restaurant

Daniella Darakis, The Gresham

Edward Quartermass, Maker

Ellery Low, Maker

Jamie Fleming, Alba Bar & Deli

Jenny Wang, Sono Japanese Restaurant

Joe Steadman, Alba Bar & Deli

Kate Bartlett, Cobbler Bar

Liam Murphy, Frogs Hollow Saloon

Liam Shepherd, Bar Brutus

Martin McConnell, Frogs Hollow Saloon

Peter Hollands, Frogs Hollow Saloon

Rachel Mynczywor, Rude Boy

Rohan Massie, Rude Boy Hobart

Jack Turner, Void Bar at Mona

Mateo Ortiz, The Den Salamanca

Western Australia
Dyllan Balm, Foxtrot Unicorn

Max Guidice, Republic of Fremantle

Nicola Herbert, Foxtrot Unicorn

Shirley Yeung, Foxtrot Unicorn

Samuel Cocks, Bar Rogue

South Australia
Al Simmons, Maybe Mae

Alfonso Lizana, Maybe Mae

Anabel Rowe, Long Story Short

Georgia Edmonds, Maybe Mae

Grace Rawlins, Memphis Slim’s House of Blues

Jack Somers, Memphis Slim’s House of Blues

Talis Heggart, Memphis Slim’s House of Blues

Michael Keogh, Memphis Slim’s House of Blues

Lachlan Gunner, Long Story Short

Oscar Butler, Maybe Mae

Aiden Rodriquez, EDV Melbourne

Alejandro Archibald, NOMAD Melbourne

Kane Smith, Nick and Nora’s Melbourne

Darren Leaney, Aru

Cameron Parish, Gimlet

Elisabetta Luppi, LUI Bar

Francesca Camilli, Beneath Driver’s Lane

James Armstrong, The Cloakroom Bar

Josephe Kourmouzis, Above Board

Julien Wurtlin, LUI Bar

Kayla Saito, Black Pearl

Nicola Dean, Black Pearl

Max Allison, Good Measure

Miriam Wahlhütter, LOVER

Nick Tesar, Bar Liberty

Olivia Devlin, Capitano

Tioni Naslund, LUI Bar

Taylor Matthews, Frederic

Tom McHugh, Hazel Restaurant

Northern Territory
Anneliese Grazioli, Hanky Panky Lounge

Katerina Kosta, Hanky Panky Lounge

Matt Zarimis, Smoke and Oak Darwin

Cameron Abercrombie, Zaab Street Food

Jack Sandeman, Zaab Street Food

Liv Kelly, Bar Rochford

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