Starward’s cult whisky, Ginger Beer Cask, with David Vitale: S13E3

Starward Australian Whisky Ginger Beer Cask #7

Starward Australian Whisky founder David Vitale rejoins us on the Drinks Adventures podcast to discuss the launch of Ginger Beer Cask #7, along with the distillery’s recent medal haul in San Francisco.

Starward’s popular Ginger Beer Cask series began almost by accident, when the distilling team took a bit of whisky and filled it into a barrel that had previously contained their house made ginger beer.
Just 85 bottles were released in 2014 of the first ever Ginger Beer Cask, and the following few editions weren’t much easier to get hold of.

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It’s only now, with the release of Ginger Beer Cask #7, that Starward has been able to make this whisky in substantial enough quantities that it will be more widely available, including in the American market, where Starward founder David Vitale is now based.
This is a special episode of Drinks Adventures, produced with the support of Starward Australian Whisky.

Listen as David Vitale shares with you the story of Ginger Beer Cask and what you can expect from the new edition.

We’ll also get a long overdue update on what’s been happening at Starward since David was last on the show, which is nearly four years ago.
Starward’s entry level blend, Two Fold, didn’t even exist at that stage, so there’s plenty to talk about.
Not least Starward’s incredible haul of 12 Double Golds and 3 Gold Medals at the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition, including Double Gold for last year’s edition of the whisky we’ll be discussing at length today, Ginger Beer Cask.

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