Hidden Lake debuts single cask Tasmanian whiskies

Hidden Lake French Oak Tawny Cask Whisky

Mighty Craft and Chris Malcolm’s whisky joint venture, Hidden Lake, has released its debut whiskies.

The initial release comprises six single cask Tasmanian single malt whiskies priced at between $299 and $499 per 700ml bottle.

“This is a very exciting launch because it’s been years in the making,” Malcolm said.


“Hidden Lake whisky comes from the personal collection I’ve acquired on the market over the years, and some we’ve made ourselves.”

The Hidden Lake brand was established by Malcolm and Mighty Craft following their acquisition of 68 barrels of whisky produced at Tasmania’s Nant Distillery.

Malcolm, formerly CEO of Australian Whisky Holdings and executive chairman of Lark Distillery, oversees the Hidden Lake brand as both founder and director.

Hidden Lake’s first release is available direct from the company’s website:

  • Barrel No. 1645, American Oak Apera, 700ml, $299
  • Barrel No. 1783 French Oak Tawny, 700ml, $349
  • Barrel No. 557 American Oak Tawny, 700mL, $349
  • Barrel No. 912 White Oak Bottle Strength, 700ml, $399
  • Barrel No. 911 White Oak Cask Strength, 700mL, $449
  • Barrel No. 195 French Oak Tawny Cask Strength, 700mL, $499

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