Dan Aykroyd, vodka advocate and entertainer: S14E1

Crystal Head Vodka founder Dan Aykroyd

It’s not every day one of the Blues Brothers serenades you down the phone line.

But that’s how things play out in the opening episode of Season 14 of Drinks Adventures, as we head to Ontario, Canada, to talk with actor, musician and comedian Dan Aykroyd.

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Dan is on the show primarily to talk about vodka, specifically Crystal Head Vodka, the brand he founded in 2008, long before the recent groundswell of Hollywood actors getting into the distilling business.

We also get an update on his business interests in Canadian wine, and the challenges of launching the new Ghostbusters film during the pandemic.

The Crystal Head Vodka range
The Crystal Head Vodka range

And I took the opportunity to ask Dan his thoughts on Belushi, the documentary on his late friend and collaborator, John Belushi, released in 2020.

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