Boatrocker Miss Pinky converts drinkers to sour beers

Boatrocker Miss Pinky Raspberry Berlinerweisse

The first ever sour beer to be ranged nationally in Dan Murphy’s, Boatrocker Miss Pinky is getting solid traction with Australian drinkers, brewery founder Matt Houghton has told the Drinks Adventures podcast.

Houghton said that after performing strongly over the last three years, Boatrocker Miss Pinky has secured ranging throughout Victorian BWS stores and additional support from First Choice and Liquorland.

“Bizarrely it’s sort of one of those beers that I think would be our flagship, moreso than our Pale Ale,” he said.


“It’s one of those things where there aren’t many beers like it on the market in those stores, Dan Murphy’s has maybe Citray Sour from La Sirene Brewing, or maybe the Colonial Brewing South West Sour.

“Boatrocker Miss Pinky stands alone, which makes it easy for people to perhaps recognise.”

Houghton said times have changed and it is now much harder for a brewery to build a national footprint on a pale ale derivative, as Stone & Wood Brewing Company did with its Pacific Ale.

“Alpha Queen Pale Ae is our first beer and its getting lots of pull through on tap, but to compete at the packaged level, it really comes down to scale and volume and price,” he says.

Boatrocker Miss Pinky Raspberry Berlinerweisse
Boatrocker Miss Pinky Raspberry Berlinerweisse

“That’s something that we can achieve with Boatrocker Miss Pinky mainly because we’ve done so many days and months of trials and testing.

“With a beer like this, because it does take two days to make the wort, you need to really make sure that it’s the same pH every single time, without fail and it has a nice clean, bright acidity as opposed to any other sort of strange funk.”

Houghton said it is also challenging to build sales volume for Boatrocker Pilsner, due to its reliance on the Riwaka hop.

“It is ridiculously priced at the moment, it’s like $75 a kilo, which is insane,” he says.

“It’s an amazing hop, but to use that as your volume vehicle for products is probably a little bit difficult.”

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