Marrickville breweries multiplying as Philter Brewing joins in: Season Three, Episode Nine

Philter Brewing joins Marrickville breweries with taproom to open early 2020

Is it Australia’s craft beer capital? The Sydney suburb of Marrickville almost certainly has the highest concentration of breweries of any suburb in Australia. I’m happy to be corrected on that if anyone has information to the contrary.

There’s yet another brewery soon to join the ranks of Marrickville breweries by the end of 2019, with the news that Philter Brewing is poised to set up shop just down the road from the original Batch Brewing facility.

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Co-founder Sam Fuss joined me for a chat about this momentous development for Philter, which has fast become one of Australia’s larger independent beer brands without having a brewery of its own.

And meanwhile, the company has picked up a slew of trophies for its flagship XPA at both the Craft Beer Awards and the Australian International Beer Awards.

Sam and I chat about the Marrickville brewing scene, and whether the emergence of so many breweries in one suburb is a good thing.

But also, we find out a bit more about Sam’s brewing career, which began at Little Creatures in 2000.

Philter Brewing joins Marrickville breweries with taproom to open early 2020
Philter Brewing joins Marrickville breweries

There, Sam worked alongside Creatures’ first ever brewer, Janice McDonald, who was one of the first guests on the Drinks Adventures podcast, back in Season One.

A special thanks to Chris Lukianenko AKA The Beer Healer for recently having me on his podcast, The Beer Healer Interviews.

It was something of a new experience for me, having Chris ask the questions for a change. 

If you want a little more insight into my background and how Drinks Adventures was conceived, please head on over to The Beer Healer Interviews.

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