Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood director Hannu Salonen: S7E1

Curt Prank, the lead character in Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

Out now on Netflix, the TV series Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood is the closest you can get to the Oktoberfest in 2020.

Six million visitors were expected to descend upon on Munich this year for the festival, originally scheduled to run between September 19 and October 4.

But the coronavirus pandemic has meant this is the first year since World War 2 that Oktoberfest – the world’s biggest beer festival – has not gone ahead.

Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood was a smash hit in Germany, where it was created, and it is now being shown globally by Netflix.

The lead character in the series is Curt Prank, whose story is loosely based on the life of a man named Georg Lang, who had an important role in shaping the Oktoberfest as we know it today.

The show follows Prank as he plans to steal five stalls at the Oktoberfest in order to accommodate a ‘beer castle’ that could host an unprecedented 6,000 patrons.

Curt Prank, the lead character in Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

But when his daughter falls in love with the heir to a rival brewery, a violent chain of events is unleashed that will threaten both families’ futures.

Finland-born Hannu Salonen is the director of the series, and he joins us in this opening episode of Season 7 of the Drinks Adventures podcast.

Hannu completed film studies at the Berlin Film Academy (dffb) in 1999 with his award-winning debut feature Downhill City.

Hannu Salonen on the set of Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood
Hannu Salonen on the set of Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

Over the past decade his highly acclaimed, commercially successful films have established him both in Middle Europe and Scandinavia as one of the pre-eminent directors dedicated for the new wave of modern film- and TV-making.

I started this episode by asking Hannu how the TV series Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood was conceived.

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