Bakery Hill Distillery confirms Kensington move

David and Andrew Baker of Australian whisky pioneer Bakery Hill Distillery

Bakery Hill Distillery expects to open its new Kensington premises to the public before 2021 is out, following some unforeseen delays.

Bakery Hill founder David Baker revealed the relocation plans on the Drinks Adventures podcast in August 2019.

“I’ve been looking for a new site for many, many, many years,” he said.


“We were approached about two years ago by a company that was restoring a wool mills in Kensington, and we were asked if we’d like to take over an area there.”

“We’re taking over about 500 square metres. We should be moving in late December or early January next year.”

Slower than anticipated

But Bakery Hill subsequently accepted an offer to delay the move so a construction company could use the premises as a temporary office, buying the distillery time to properly prepare itself.

“The company is restoring an old factory directly across the road into townhouses and units,” he said.

“So we put it off. We didn’t want to walk in and say ‘yeah, we’ll take it’ and then find we had a problem with the council or whatever.”

The new Bakery Hill Distillery site in Kensington
The new Bakery Hill Distillery site in Kensington

Bakery Hill will now take possession of the premises in late September to begin the rebuild.

“Then we’ll move across all the equipment and barrels,” Baker said.

“We’ve got council approval and we’re in contact with the neighbours in the local streets just to let them know what’s happening.

“It’s a goer, but it’s a little bit slower than we anticipated.”

Visitors soon welcome

Baker now expects the venue will open its doors to the public in late November or early December, 2021.

“It’s an absolutely special, special place for our stills,” Baker told the podcast.

“It’s place we can be extremely happy to bring people in and show them our range of whiskies and to educate them.”

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