Sparkke wins Australia’s second vegan beer certification

The Sparkke Change Beverage Company has become only the second company in Australia that has had its beers certified vegan by Vegan Australia.

Five out of six of the Sparkke beers have been certified. The only exception is its Ginger Beer, which uses local ethically sourced honey.

“From the outset, we have strived to ensure the majority of our brews are vegan, and receiving this certification shows that we meet the highest standard for vegan products and allows our customers to feel secure in their ethical choices,” said Sparkke founder Rose Kentish.


While the vast majority of beer produced in Australia is likely vegan, just one other brewer – Melbourne’s Thunder Road Brewing Company – has had its beers certified, according to the Vegan Australia website.

Yulli’s Brews in Sydney is renowned for its vegan ethos, as discussed with founder James Harvey on the Drinks Adventures podcast, but has not been through the certification process.

Vegan Australia director Greg MacFarlane said the vegan movement is growing exponentially in Australia.

“The growth I’ve seen has been quite outstanding. Often in surveys, Australia comes up number two or three in the growth of the vegan market,” he said.

To get certification, the brewery and its suppliers cannot use animal products, insect by-products, test on animals, or use animal GMOs.

“You’ve got clearly vegetable products, but there are processing aids that go in to ferment the product; and bacteria and yeast,” MacFarlane said.

“We have to go into the background of those and go to the manufacturers and find what they’re made of.”

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