Australian brandy with Bass & Flinders Distillery: S8E6

Holly Klintworth is head distiller at Bass and Flinders Distillery on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

The business was founded by Holly’s father Wayne Klintworth in 2009 with a desire to make high quality gins, brandies, and liqueurs.

It’s brandy that you’ll be hearing the most about in this episode, as Holly tells us why her family chose a path that is currently less travelled in Australian distilling.

Brandy has an incredibly rich history in Australia but it has a little bit of an image problem, which funnily enough, is fairly similar to what gin was confronting little more than a decade ago.

Bass & Flinders head distiller, Holly Klintworth

In this episode, Holly will tell you about her passion for brandy and why you should be including it as part of your spirits repertoire.

But first, she’ll tell you a little bit more about her background and how she came to succeed her father Wayne in the family business.

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