Mezcal primer and pandemic recovery with bar veteran Grant Collins: S9E7

Grant Collins of Sydney restaurant Cartel

Grant Collins is an award-winning mixologist who has collaborated and consulted with leading bars and hotels across the world.

Since 2017 he’s been working with the Kensington Street hospitality precinct in Chippendale, Sydney, where he founded Gin Lane, Blossom Bar and in 2021, a third venue, Cartel.

Cartel is a modern Aztec & Latin restaurant with a drinks offering that is heavily focused on agave spirits.

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You’ve heard a bit about tequila previously on this podcast with none other than Julio Bermejo, the man who invented the Tommy’s Margarita cocktail, back in Season 4.

This time, Grant shares with you his recent experience introducing Cartel’s patrons to mezcal, a lesser known relative of tequila.

Grant Collins of Sydney restaurant Cartel
Grant Collins of Sydney restaurant Cartel

Grant introduced me to some pretty delicious and interesting mezcals during our chat which I’ve listed here for interested parties:

  • Quiquriqui Artisenal
  • Quiquriqui Pechuga
  • El Jorigio Tobala
  • El Jorigio Aroquena

This interview was originally scheduled for March 2020. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how that panned out.

So when we finally caught up over a year later, I asked Grant first up how he’s been coping in recent times, running a hospitality business during a global pandemic.

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