Little Creatures Pacific Ale arrives in new-look packaging

Little Creatures Pacific Ale

Little Creatures Pacific Ale is the latest addition to the brewer’s core range as it prepares to celebrate 21 years of brewing.

Little Creatures head brewer Russ Gosling said the beer, “captures all the big hop tropical flavours without the bitterness, delivering a fresh, session-able brew perfect for the summer months”.

“Little Creatures Pacific Ale has a soft fizz and passionfruit aroma, with a slightly dry yet super
refreshing finish,” he said.


Little Creatures Pacific Ale

Little Creatures Pacific Ale will sit alongside Pale Ale, XPA and Rogers in the core range following a successful trial on tap in recent months.

Pale Ale and XPA have also been released in cans for the first time with new branding that elevates the cherub as its centrepiece.

“Twenty one years ago, we were pioneers in the American Pale Ale style of craft beer here in Australia,” Gosling said.

“Today, we continue to play a leading role in the industry and importantly the community when it comes to flavour-forward, distinctive aroma, hoppy beers.”

Little Creatures Hazy IPA coming soon

Also new in the core range is a brand new Hazy IPA, set for release in cans in August.

“IPAs are seeing huge growth here in Australia, and this is really being led by Hazy IPAs,” Gosling said.

“Our previous IPA was more of a west coast style, which was quite hop-forward, but our new Hazy IPA has bigger, juicier, fruitier flavours.

“This is really the first of many IPA innovations you can expect to see from Little Creatures over the next little while.”

Little Creatures Pacific Ale is available in major retailers nationally from this week for an RRP of $19 for a four-pack of cans or $57 for a 16-pack.

The Hazy IPA will be available from the end of the month for an RRP of $24 for a four-pack of cans or $69 for a 16-pack.

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