Quiquiriqui Mezcal’s unusual origin story: S10E8

Founded in 2012 by Londoner Melanie Symonds, Quiquiriqui Mezcal was one of the brands I tasted with Grant Collins in S9E7 of the Drinks Adventures podcast.

And the more I read about Quiquiriqui, the more I thought it would be a grand idea to invite Melanie onto the show.

With no background whatsoever in drinks or hospitality, Melanie’s path to being a mezcal brand owner was unconventional, to say the least.

She fell in love with the spirit on visiting Mexico in 2011 and returned to London with the pretty half-baked plan – I don’t think Melanie would mind me saying that – of opening a mezcal bar underneath a kebab shop in East London.

The Quiquiriqui Mezcal range
The Quiquiriqui Mezcal range

Soon after came the Quiquiriqui Mezcal brand, which Melanie makes in direct partnership with families who have been producing mezcal traditionally in their communities for generations.

But I’ll leave it to Melanie Symonds to tell you in her own words how Quiquiriqui came to be.

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