Hotel Starlino aperitif range arrives in Australia

A new range of Italian aperitifs has arrived in Australia, comprising a Rosé Aperitivo, Orange Aperitivo and Rosso Vermouth.

The Hotel Starlino range was created by the Torino Distillery in Turin, the birthplace of modern vermouth.

The versatile line-up can be enjoyed on the rocks; with tonic, soda or sparkling wine; or in vermouth cocktails such as the Negroni, Manhattan or Royale.

The Rosé Aperitif is a sweet vermouth infused with pink grapefruit, orange peel and natural botanicals, delivered in an apothecary-style bottle inspired by Italy’s architectural style, Stile Liberty.

The aromatic Orange Aperitif is rich in zesty fresh orange flavours and herb spice, with a base of Italian wine and flavours of blood orange, and peach to fill the vibrant palate.

Finally, the Rosso Vermouth is infused with vanilla and richly textured with enticing notes of raisin, macerated orange, tea, carob, and nutmeg, before undergoing 30 days ageing in Bourbon barrels for a subtly spicy finish.

Hotel Starlino Australian Ambassador Karel ‘Papi’ Reyes said the launch is ideally times to accommodate the renewed interest in vermouths and aperitifs globally.

“Hotel Starlino has crafted the ‘next generation’, which are bright, modern and fresh and evoke the relaxed Italian elegance of aperitivo hour,” he said.

Distributed by Stuart Alexander, the range is available now from Dan Murphy’s, Boozebud, Amazon Au and Discerning Drinks Co.

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