Modus Operandi Brewing releases Cerveza Beer

Modus Operandi Brewing has launched Modus Cerveza, a crisp, easy-drinking classic beer, inspired by Mexican lagers.

Co-founder Jaz Wearin said Modus Cerveza (4.2 per cent ABV) is designed to suit a wide range of drinkers, “from the craft consumer in search of a fresh, easy-drinking beer, to the everyday drinker looking for an entry into the craft market”.

“The strong growth trend of USA brewers releasing craft cervezas into the Australian market has clearly shown Aussies love to experience Mexican culture, cuisine, design and lifestyle,” she said.

Modus Cerveza

“Modus are excited about bringing a crafted cerveza to the Aussie market for those consumers wanting to try something new, that is proudly Australian brewed.”

Modus Cerveza is now available at Dan Murphy’s in NSW stores, online at Modus Brewing and
BoozeBud, and will be on shelves and in premise at a range of venues across Australia from November.

Modus Cerveza prices start from $24.99 (six pack) and $39.99 (12 pack case).

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