Australian Agave NFT sold out

ASX-listed distiller Top Shelf International has announced that its initial release of 100 Australian Agave NFTs is sold out.

The NFTs represent the first sale of spirit from Top Shelf’s Eden Lassie agave farm in the Whitsundays and form part of its strategy to create a premium Australian agave spirit.

Each token holder has the exclusive rights to the handmade micro-distilled agave spirit from ten geo-tagged agave plants on a plot that they have selected, which will be harvested and distilled from August 2023.


Top Shelf’s Eden Lassie agave farm

The $10,000 price tag for each token reflects the bespoke opportunity inclusive of unique products and experiences, and a potential net sales value of up to $285 per litre for the Australian agave spirit, Top Shelf says.

Token holders will have exclusive access to personalised updates on their agave plants, and their NFTs may be traded on any NFT marketplace.

“NFT holders will receive access to an exclusive dashboard where they will receive individualised updates on the growth of plants allocated to their token,” said CEO Drew Fairchild.

“The dashboard, as well as the benefits attached to a token throughout the course of the program will deliver an immersive, highly-personalised experience and pioneer a new era of agave spirits.

“As well as connecting consumers with our brands, blockchain technology and NFTs will also be utilised to leverage the significant opportunity in a business-to-business context to build partnerships with major retail and marquee on premise customers.”

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