Matthew Jukes on non-alcoholic drinks & Aussie wine upheaval: S12E1

Jukes Cordialities by Matthew Jukes

You’re probably already familiar with Matthew Jukes, one of Britain’s leading wine writers.

But if you missed Matthew’s brilliant masterclass on Australian shiraz cabernet blends, stop what you’re doing and go back to Season Three for that brilliant wine podcast episode of Drinks Adventures.

Matthew’s back with us to share with you his new non-alcoholic drink brand, Jukes Cordialities, which he’s recently launched into Australia.

The market has been inundated with non-alcoholic wines in recent years, but Matthew says he’s yet to find one that’s drinkable, and I’d have to concur with him on that assessment.

With Jukes, he set about mimicking the experience of drinking a fine wine in the form of what are essentially deluxe adult cordials designed for mixing with still or sparkling water.

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Matthew sent me some to try and I have to say, they are astonishingly good. I’m currently having a little break from alcohol and this is by far the best alternative I’ve found to glass of wine at the end of the day. In fact, I’ve already been out and purchased a box of Jukes 6, my favourite of the collection.

They’re not cheap, but neither is a decent bottle of wine. And when Matthew explains the ingredients and craftsmanship involved the premium pricing is understandable.

Australian listeners: Click here to purchase Jukes Cordialities online if you’re interested in trying them for yourself.

Later on in this interview, Matthew reveals the pandemic upheaval currently affecting Australian winemakers in the UK.

This latest misfortune comes after the Chinese tariffs on Australian wine. The industry can’t catch a break at the moment!

Wherever you are, I hope 2022 is treating you well. Welcome to Season 12 of the Drinks Adventures podcast. New episodes should be dropping every Tuesday and hopefully also Thursday some weeks too.

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