Penfolds x Thiénot Champagne, with Peter Gago

The collaboration between Penfolds and Champagne House Thiénot continues with the release of a non-vintage Champagne Brut Rosé, as foreshadowed by chief winemaker Peter Gago last year.

In this wine podcast episode of Drinks Adventures, Peter Gago discusses the Thiénot champagne collaboration, which continues the huge international strides made by Penfolds in recent years.

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The company launched its debut California Collection earlier in 2021, and there’s a set of Bordeaux wines to come in 2022.

The NV Brut Rosé (RRP $90) is comprised of 30 per cent Chardonnay (Nogent, Sézanne and Côte des Blancs), 20 per cent Pinot Noir (Vallée de l’Ardre (8%), Epernay and Côte des Bar), and 50 per cent Pinot Meunier (Épernay, Vallée de la Marne and Saint-Thierry).

It follows the 2019 release of three vintage champagnes; A Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvée, Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru and Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru, all from 2012 and priced at $280 each.

First up in this episode, I asked Peter about his personal affinity with champagne, a wine style he’s clearly very passionate about.

The Penfolds x Thiénot Champagne NV Brut Rosé

This is a special episode of the Drinks Adventures podcast, produced with the support of Penfolds Wines.

The Thiénot x Penfolds Champagne Brut Rosé is available globally now, priced at $90 per bottle (AUD).

Sprightly, with a bright/vivid pale-salmon hue, it is perfect for immediate enjoyment.

“The Thiénot x Penfolds quartet is now complete and this Champagne Brut Rosé ticks every box”, Gago says.

“It shouts ‘champagne’ and showcases the finesse and understatement of Thiénot. It’s a visual shimmering reflection of the colour of the Penfolds stamp!”

Thiénot managing director, Stanislas Thiénot added: “We are delighted to add this new cuvée to our Thiénot Penfolds project. Indeed, this partnership would not be complete without a non-vintage cuvée, an expression which highlights the art of blending champagne.”

“Like the previous Thiénot Penfolds releases, this cuvée reflects the values shared by our two houses in the ‘spirit’ of champagne.”

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