Pizzini Wines: Trailblazing Sangiovese & Nebbiolo – S12E7

Pizzini Wines La Volpe Nebbiolo

Pizzini Wines in King Valley, Victoria, is one of Australia’s leading proponents of Italian grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Pinot Grigio.

The company’s passion for Italian varietals inspired it to plant Sangiovese grapes more than 30 years ago, with Nebbiolo coming soon after.

As you’ll hear in this wine podcast episode from winemaker Joel Pizzini, it was extremely difficult convincing people to taste what were then exotic varieties back in the 90s and early 2000s.

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But consumer awareness has since developed to the extent that Pizzini has all but phased out traditional Australian varieties like shiraz from its range.

Meanwhile, the wines have continually improved as a result of Pizzini’s close attention to soil type, aspects, row orientation, rootstock attributes, clone suitability and vineyard practices, under advice from internationally renowned experts.

Pizzini has also developed new vineyards in the King Valley that allow it to produce superior fruit quality on a consistent basis.

It now offers five different wines made using Sangiovese grapes and three different Nebbiolo wines, in addition to a Sangiovese Nebbiolo rose.

“We now have five new wine tiers: Sparkling Italians, Essence of La Famiglia, King Valley Expertise, Strength of Site and Excellence,” Pizzini says.

“The story of each tier is centred on its link to either our family or our beautiful home in the King Valley. The new label designs are inspired by these stories.”

Joel Pizzini, winemaker at Pizzini Wines King Valley Victoria
Joel Pizzini, winemaker at Pizzini Wines King Valley Victoria

‘Excellence’ is the pinnacle of the range, with the Rubacuori Sangiovese and the Coronamento Nebbiolo both priced at $140 a bottle and built for long-term cellaring.

It’s a really exciting project, and I began this interview by asking Joel where it all began.

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