Beer Cartel launches Easter Beer Hunt pack

Online retailer Beer Cartel has launched The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt, a limited release craft beer pack designed to be hidden, hunted and enjoyed by adults.

Beer Cartel director Geoff Huens said the pack aims to create a new Easter tradition, following the success of its Beer Advent Calendar over the last seven years.

“From the box, to the beers and the overall experience, we’ve really tried to recreate the childhood magic of the Easter egg hunt in a format for grown-ups,” he says.

The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt pack features eight different limited release beers from breweries including Drinks Adventures podcast alumni, Mountain Culture (S4E1) and Hop Nation (S9E8).

“We know beer drinkers love trying different beers. For this pack we not only want it to be a fun new way to enjoy Easter, but an opportunity to taste some top-notch beers from highly acclaimed breweries”, Huens said.

Beer Cartel’s Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt pack is available here.

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