Canadian wine with podcaster Natalie MacLean: S12E10

Canada might be best known for its ice wine, a type of dessert wine produced from frozen grapes.

But it’s increasingly getting global recognition for the quality of its dry table wines.

And our guest in this wine podcast episode of Drinks Adventures, Natalie MacLean, can fill you in on some of the regions and styles to look out for.

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Natalie MacLean is a Canadian wine writer, educator, judge and podcaster.

And here, we’re doing a bit of a podcast exchange. You can catch me on Natalie’s show Unreserved Wine Talk sometime around this episode going to air.

After we explore Canadian wine, we’ll find out a bit more about Natalie’s podcast and her upcoming third book.

It’s a memoir that she says will explore the darker side of the wine industry.

Sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it? And that’s coming up later in this interview with Natalie.

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