Quiquiriqui Mezcal launches four new variants

Quiquiriqui Mezcal

Bibendum Wine Co has announced the Australian launch of four new mezcals from Quiquiriqui.

Previously featured on the Drinks Adventures podcast, Quiquiriqui Mezcal is made by London-based founder Melanie Symonds in direct partnership with Mexican distillers.

Now added to its Australian range are two new pechuga mezcals; Destilado con Café and Destilado con Cacao, infused respectively with home-roasted coffee beans and cacao.


Also new is Ensamble; a smoky blend of three agave types from three different areas.

“Before the popularity of single-variety Mezcals took hold, different varieties of agave were often blended by mezcaleros seeking to harvest whatever was ripe and available,” Bibendum says.

“The transfixing complexly of this spirit suggests the Ensamble is due a comeback.”

Finally comes a rare, single-variety mezcal made from Tepeztate agave.

“This is perhaps the most reserved and yet aromatically complex of all the Quiquiriqui Mezcals, with a bright and perfumed, almost floral intensity, followed by sweet metallic notes, and some lingering fruitiness in the background,” the distributor says.

Listen to Melanie Symonds on the Drinks Adventures podcast here, or simply press play in the media player below.

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