Beer style trends, with Zytho Brewing and Kirrily Waldhorn: S13E13

Every day is International Beer Day, here at Drinks Adventures.

But in case you needed another reason to celebrate the delights of beer in all its forms, this episode is going to air on the 16th annual International Beer Day.

Kirrily Waldhorn, AKA Beer Diva, has been working in the beer industry for 23 years. A beer educator, writer and judge, Kirrily matches beer with food for a living.

So you’re in good hands as she joins us on the Drinks Adventures podcast to discuss some of the hottest beer style trends of the moment in Australia.

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This is a special episode produced in partnership with Zytho Brewing, which you’ll find exclusively in Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores.

Created for Zythophiles – that’s another name for beer lovers – the Zytho range includes three hop-driven ales: Tropical Haze; Zesty Pale Ale and an IPA.

There’s also the Velvet Luxe Stout, and winter recently brought the seasonal return of a White Stout.

We’ll get Kirrily’s thoughts on this oxymoron of a beer style; along with the haze craze; the lager resurgence; and the boom in low and no alcohol craft beers; among other topics.

Kirrily Waldhorn, AKA Beer Diva
Kirrily Waldhorn

Kirrily shares some beer and food matching tips along the way; and reveals the beer style she wishes was more popular among Australian drinkers.

We started by talking about the recent news that Stout is having a re-birth in Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores, with sales up 8% on last winter.

I asked Kirrily what she thinks might be driving the mainstream resurgence of one of our favourite beer styles.

Beer style trends, with Zytho Brewing and Kirrily Waldhorn: S13E13
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