FogHorn Brewery Hunter Valley, with founder Shawn Sherlock: S6E5

FogHorn Brewery Hunter Valley was born in August 2020 when the Newcastle company completed its acquisition and rebrand of Hunter Beer Co in Nulkaba.

The expansion has been made possible by FogHorn’s partnership with Founders First, the craft beverages-focused investment vehicle that listed on the ASX in 2019 and now has stakes in six breweries and three distilleries.

Founder Shawn Sherlock joins us this episode of Drinks Adventures to discuss this significant move for FogHorn, which until now has scarcely sold its beers outside the original Newcastle brewpub.

However, this is not the first time FogHorn has opened a second venue. Shawn and I discuss what he learnt from its previous expansion to open a taproom in Erina on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

Keith Grice and Shawn Sherlock at the newly minted FogHorn Brewery Hunter Valley
Keith Grice and Shawn Sherlock at the newly minted FogHorn Brewery Hunter Valley

And as a veteran brewer with more than 20 years’ of industry experience, Shawn reveals some of the beer styles he hopes to champion together with Keith Grice and the team at Hunter Beer Co, who have now become FogHorn employees.

First up though, we got talking about the dreaded C-Word. It wasn’t too long before the onset of the pandemic that FogHorn launched its first beers in cans.

I started by asking Shawn whether the packaged beer had helped FogHorn through this difficult period.

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