Green Coast Lager takes on multinational brewers

Green Coast Lager 3.5

Stone & Wood Brewing Company has released a 3.5 per cent Green Coast Lager targeted at the burgeoning ‘contemporary beer’ segment.

Stone & Wood general manager Nick Boots this week told the Drinks Adventures podcast that the 3.5 per cent Green Coast is made for drinkers who simply want refreshment and ease of drinkability from their beers.

“It’s not necessarily going to be the lager that craft beer aficionados are going to go for. It’s more going to be the beer that the other 90 per cent of the market are going to go for,” he said.


Boots said the move is consistent with Stone & Wood’s 13-year commitment to being a regional brewer that makes beers everyone can enjoy.

“We’ve never pitched ourselves as a craft brewery… ‘Good beer is our thing’, it’s written on the side of our brewery, and in our mind that’s never distinguished what type of beer or what style of beer,” he said.

Green Coast Lager 3.5
Green Coast Lager 3.5

As is customary for the contemporary segment, pioneered in Australia by CUB’s Great Northern range, the mid-strength Green Coast is packaged in clear glass.

“That gives you a sharp view of the light golden lager, made with the finest Australian pale malts,” Stone & Wood says.

“Next, you’ll taste the delicate flavour, Saaz Hops, rounding out the super crisp finish. It’s mild on the palate, has a subtle bitterness and is seriously refreshing.

“It’s the drink that’s the ideal companion to life’s simple moments: the backyard BBQ with mates, an afternoon watching the footy and that perfect moment when you pop the top off a cold brew at the end of a long day.”

Stone & Wood launches the new Green Coast Lager as part of its Wallabies sponsorship announced earlier this year.

It’s available now direct from Stone & Wood online, and in bottle shops across Queensland and NSW.

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