Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur out now

Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur

Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur is the latest in a series of barrel-aged variants from the burgeoning Australian company.

Mr Black founder Tom Baker told Drinks Adventures the new release starts life in the same way as regular Mr Black, before deviating from the path.

“We roast coffee, cold brew it, then mix it with Australian wheat vodka. With Mr Black, we add sugar and stick it in a bottle. With the mezcal edition, we take the coffee and vodka infusion and put it in ex-mezcal casks,” he says.


The blend spent nine weeks in American Oak barrels previously used to age mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico.

After that, it was fortified with fresh joven mezcal from a supplier whose name must remain confidential in Australia, at least.

Nine weeks is less maturation time than the brand’s previous barrel-ageing experiments, collaborations with Australia’s Bundaberg Rum, and Vermont, US-based whiskey distillery Whistle Pig.

“Although, it was a very hot December when we put it in,” Baker says, noting that this sped up the process.

The Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur is made to be consumed neat or on the rocks, garnished with an orange twist.

The final blend brings notes of nutmeg, spice and roasted agave to Mr Black’s signature Arabica coffee flavour, the company says.  

Baker is tight lipped on just how limited this limited edition is, but he says he won’t be remaking it.

He did spill the beans on another secret, though. When he appeared on the Drinks Adventures podcast back in 2021, he mentioned that Mr Black was in cahoots with a whisky brand for a barrel-aged product.

That partner is Starward Whisky, which is currently maturing its spirit in some of Baker’s ex-coffee barrels.

“No dates, no plans, but it’s going well,” Baker says.

Mr Black Mezcal Cask Coffee Liqueur (RRP $75) is available direct from Mr Black.

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